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The NEAR developer experience team is looking to make some decisions around whether or not to support AssemblyScript in addition to Rust as a WASM source. We want to test our assumptions about the value propositions of these languages with external developers in order to make an informed, evidence based decision on what we choose to support, and to what extent.

To do this, we want to talk to developers from the community with experience in a variety of languages to determine how familiarity with these languages affects their experience with Rust and/or AssemblyScript.

Initiative Structure

  1. Pre-interview Survey

    Participants will be asked to complete a short pre-interview survey about their development experience to help us categorize feedback based on the previous experience of participants

  2. Remote Interview (15 - 30min)

    At the start of the session, participants will be interviewed about their development experience and their opinions about the tools that we're testing.

  3. Remote Technical Exercises (35 - 60min)

    Each participant will be asked to complete a series of short tasks focused initially on reading code in a variety of languages to help us determine the ease with which developers new to a language can pick up on its patterns and conventions.