<aside> 💡 Objective: Have more high-quality validators that can attract staking from the community and increase the security of NEAR Protocol Key Results: Onboard 15 new validators in Q4 2020, and 10 new validators within Q2 2021 **[WIP]**How to get Validators to grow communities ...


Program info:

High-quality organizations from the ecosystem of PoS Validators can qualify to receive staking from NF. We will use the Guild program to facilitate and support validators as guilds on their own.

Every quarter we will check if the validator guild has met certain KPIs defined in this document.

For shard #1 there are 100 seats available, but we may optimize for a lower number, focusing on community value and awareness to measure the ROI from validator guilds.

TBD: how much will we stake per participating validator? Any conditions that would disqualify a validator (e.g. too much staked already).

NF will provide sufficient stake for a seat in the active set. This value may be reduced once the Validator collected enough stake, and will be withdrawn if the Validator is in the top 33%.

Draft criteria for qualifying validator guilds:

We have two classes: